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Kelly Rowland Fire Shots At Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole made headlines by criticizing Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams’ performance after Beyonce’s surprise reunion at the Super Bowl. The two engaged in some back-and-forth in the media, and recently, fellow Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland was asked about the incident in an [...]

Is Keyshia Cole Having Marital Problems?

It appears that there may be trouble in paradise for R&B star Keyshia Cole and her husband, NBA player Daniel “Boobie” Gibson. The songstress posted some Instagram photos that alluded to romantic troubles. Though she didn’t get specific, it’s easy to see why many are wondering if things are on the [...]

Keyshia Cole Goes Off On Twitter

Keyshia Cole was asked to open for The Weeknd at KMEL’s House of Soul show in her hometown of Oakland, and the R&B star did not take the request too well. Cole hopped on Twitter and blasted the radio station for what she felt was blatant disrespect. “EVERY F-CKING YEAR I do something major for my [...]

Keyshia Cole Look Alike Comes Forward In Sex Scandal

A Keyshia Cole double calling herself “Mari Lynn” has come forward as the person performing oral sex in a photo that circulated on Twitter. Mari Lynn tweeted extensively about herself and how the picture surfaced. “My ex, whom I have tatted on me, leaked the picture,”she posted. “The picture is 2 [...]

Keyshia Cole Lashes Out At Gucci Mane

Allegedly Gucci Mane claimed that singer Keyshia Cole slept with hip hop mogul Diddy in Gucci’s new Young Jeezy diss “Truth.” And despite the song’s title, Cole says Gucci is full of lies regarding her history. She signed on Twitter to blast the Atlanta rapper for using her to attack Jeezy, whom [...]
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